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Samsung JS8500 vs. Sony X850C 4k TV Comparison

Posted by on Nov 21, 2015 in Consumer Technology | Comments Off on Samsung JS8500 vs. Sony X850C 4k TV Comparison

Searching for the best 4K TV can be a hassle because there are so many different brands and models available. Most of us are looking for the best possible price to pay without sacrificing the features and quality that we desire. Here is a review and comparison of the Samsung UN65JS8500 and Sony X850C 4k TVs for your consideration. You’ll learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each so you an make a more informed choice about which one may best suit your personal needs and preferences.

Samsung JS8500

This attractive UN65JS8500 Smart TV features a curved screen and stylish gray back. It comes with a stable stand and is highly rate as a favorite among people who purchased and used this model. You pay a little more with this version because of the curved screen, so if additional savings are in your wheel house, you may want to opt for the flat screen model with all of the other features included.


This is an excellent choice for watching movies because there is no judder with a 24p source such as a Blu ray. You may find a little bit of this activity with any sources of 60p or 60i, but the Auto Motion Plus option can eliminate any slight judder.

You get additional features including 3D and HDR for smooth motion. The native contrast ratio for this TV is good, although you may see a little clouding and black uniformity issues initially. A remedy is to massage the screen slightly with a dry cloth and allow the unit to set for a few days. This usually eradicates the problem. Precalibration settings offer great color out of the box with high end SUHD and a wider gamut of colors for more true and realistic images.

Motion in fast action videos, games and movies does not result in blur because of the fast response time of 11.1 ms. Great TV for gaming and the curved screen has a lower input lag than the flat screen. In PC mode, the lag is rated at 55.8 and in game mode it is 23.5 ms with outside game mode rates at 139.1 ms. Audio distortion is limited with very good audio when compared with other TVs, but distortion does increase with volume.

One Connect box provides the housing for the processor and the inputs and is upgrade able with future technology advances. 9.0 Smart TV with Tizen OS and most major apps available. Side inputs with 3 USB, 4 HDMI, 1 digital audio optical out, 1 IR out, 1 RF in, 1 ethernet, 1 component in,1 composite in and 1 audio 3.5 mm out. Rear inputs include 1 One Connect and 1 AC power.


Limited viewing angles without affecting the color saturation. The best angle is front facing and straight on. There is little of a negative nature to say about this TV as for the price, it is an excellent value and it is good for use in most of the entertainment arenas.


Sony X850C

The Sony X850C is an affordable option if you are looking for a great 4k TV at a bargain in exchange for sacrificing a few features. This is an excellent choice for watching movies because there is no judder when playing 24 fps movies. You may experience a slight amount at 60p/i but this can be corrected easily. The picture quality is excellent, but does have limitations when viewed at an angle. When not viewed from the front, side angles lose color saturation. Another bonus is that the blacks are deep

The Sony XBR65X850C 4k TV has good overall picture quality, except when viewed at an angle – the colors lose saturation. The precalibrated settings give you great color out of the box with a wide array of colors for true images. The blacks are great and it doesn’t have much motion blur so action packed scenes are a pleasure to view.


There is a degree of soap opera and dirty screen effect along with limited view angles without loss of picture integrity. You also may notice that there is a darker effect at the top part of the screen and this can be a distraction for night time scenes. These issues, however are minimal, making the disadvantages for this TV minor. This TV is not the best choice for gaming because the blur, although minimal, may be too significant for high action play settings.

Comparisons of the Sony X859C vs the Samsung JS900

When compared side by side, each of these units are a more affordable option for 4k capability within their brand lines. If you are mainly interested in watching movies, then the Sony is the best option. If you are looking for a TV with superior gaming capabilities, then the low lag Samsung JS900 would perform at a higher level.

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